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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Visiting Vietnam: Vietnam Markets

English: Location map of Vietnam. Equirectangu...
English: Location map of Vietnam. Equirectangular projection. Strechted by 104.0%. Geographic limits of the map: * N: 24.0° N * S: 8.0° N * W: 101.8° E * E: 110.3° E Made with Natural Earth. Free vector and raster map data @ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By John Roney

Take an overnight train ride from bustling Hanoi and you will arrive in the remote mountainous region of Sapa Valley, home to beautiful mountains and valleys, many minority hill-tribes and fascinating street markets. By escaping to Sapa you will find here real life and culture and pure relaxation. Sapa is an old French Colonial Hill station nestled amongst the highest mountain range in Vietnam, Hoang Lien Son which is close to the Chinese border. Sapa is well known for its outstanding natural beauty and the variety of hill-tribes people that live in the area. As a destination it offers many adventure outdoor activities, cycling and trekking are the most popular of these.

The best trek in the area takes three days to the summit of Fansipan, standing at 3143 meters, it is the highest peak in Vietnam, affording breathtaking panoramic views into neighboring China. Travelling to the summit, is not the hardest trek in the world, so if you are fit and healthy and have plenty of energy, you should consider making this trek to the roof of Vietnam, where you'll be amongst the clouds.

Sapa is home to many minority Hill-tribe, visits and home-stays are a very popular activity in the Sapa region. One of the most well known hill-tribes in the area is the Black Hmong Hill-tribe, who frequent the villages throughout the area. They have their own culture and customs and many tourists enjoying visiting and learning about their ways of life, by taking a tour or even arranging an overnight home-stay. By visiting the tribes people you will learn about farming techniques, how their wonderful garments are made and be treated to traditional hill-tribe fare and music, a fascinating experience, which will allow you to immerse yourself in how simple life can be!

Home-stays are an ideal choice if you wish to have a real life experience of how these people live and work their daily lives and the people of the Hmong tribe and other minority groups are very welcoming to foreigners visiting them. Another aspect of local culture not to be missed is a visit to one of the numerous, hill-tribe markets. Each market has its own unique feel and is generally a place for the locals to get together to sell their wares and to socialize with friends and family, perhaps even meet a partner!

Go on treks into beautiful wooded areas and even enjoy the coastal beaches and bask in the sun. Vietnam makes a well-rounded vacation spot. Click Visiting Vietnam to discover more about vacation.

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